About Us

CommercialAirCleaner.net is owned and operated by OscarAir, Inc. OscarAir, Inc was founded in 2006 by a group of veteran air pollution control equipment application engineers whose mission is to provide a “best in class” recommendation for the category of commercial air cleaners.

The principals of OscarAir, Inc have represented or continue to represent some of the most reputable air cleaner manufacturers in the world.  OscarAir, Inc representatives have sold, marketed, installed, repaired and designed almost every kind of air cleaner imaginable that include air filtering technologies such as electrostatic precipitators, HEPA, Ozone, UV, Ionic, and other mechanical filter types.

Too Many Choices!

In this day and age in the commercial air pollution control industry there are just too many choices for the average consumer to be able to make an informed decision without having an extensive background in the science of air cleaning technologies. It takes air quality professionals years of studying, installing, servicing and selling many different types of commercial air cleaners before they gain the experience of knowing the strengths and weaknesses between the various air cleaner products.  How is the average consumer supposed to gain that kind experience and knowledge in a matter of a couple of hours of research using the internet?

Too many choices of commercial air cleaners for consumers has lead to confusion in the marketplace. To date there are dozens of commercial air cleaner manufacturers using various types of air cleaning technologies in their products… all saying the same thing about their commercial air purifier… and that is their commercial air purifying system is the best.

Who Are You To Believe?

Believe in a company that has principals who have had the experience of selling many different brands of commercial air cleaners…. then listen to what they have to say.  CommercialAirCleaner.net was launched to devote an entire website to showcase one commercial air cleaner – The commercial air cleaner that we believe to be the best in its class at the best price. OscarAir, Inc’s founders, shareholders and officers include some of the most respected professionals in the field of solving air quality problems… You can trust that we have the experience to offer you the right solution for your specific needs.

A Successful Past, A Progressive Future…

The founders of OscarAir Inc continue to sell and market many lines of commercial air cleaner products representing many different companies. You can trust that we would not be devoting so much time and effort if our experience didn’t demonstrate that the OscarAir SE400e and SE800e is truly the top of it class at the best price.

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