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Commercial Air Cleaners Offer Remarkable Odor Removal

Many individuals purchase commercial air cleaners not just to remove smoke, but also the strong odors associated with it. There are lots of media filter based commercial air cleaners out there that get rid of some of the smoke, but do nothing for foul tobacco smells. The commercial air cleaners offered by OscarAir, Inc. come with an innovative odor neutralizing cartridge that is specially formulated for smoke odor removal.Odor Neutralizing Cartridges

The unique odor neutralizing formula works by releasing a field of aromatic molecules that combine with the odor molecules and break them apart into harmless, odorless components. This results in an additional 60% or more reduction of all odors. These smartly designed cartridges don’t simply mask odors with a perfume; they neutralize the odors by releasing a non-toxic, volatile aromatic vapor that reacts with the gas molecules from tobacco smoke. Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS), also known as secondhand smoke, contains more than 4,000 chemicals and at least 40 known carcinogens.

EucalyptusThese cartridges may look like an air freshener, but they are much more sophisticated. The cartridges are packed with potent essential oils that create a powerful aromatic vapor. A great benefit of this technology is the use of essential oils. Unlike most oxidizers that attack cells of the body, essential oils are known to have healing qualities. We use oils from eucalyptus and pine obtained from the leaves, needles and branches of the eucalyptus tree and Scotch pine. Both oils act as a germicidal disinfectant and also provide medicinal properties helpful for respiratory conditions.

Both the SE-400 and the SE-800 employ this superior technology. Don’t just take our word; here’s what some of our customers had to say: “My SE-800 removes the smoke and leaves the room smelling fresh and clean. And I don’t have to buy expensive carbon replacement filters” – Mike Davirro, Madison, Ohio. “The SE-400 smoke eater is perfect for my poker room. I like the filter-less system and the fact it keeps my wife happy because of the smoke and odor removal” – Keith Karp, Howell, Michigan.

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