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Smoke filled public indoor environments require commercial air filtraion.  Purchase your ideal commercial air purification systems here.
Commercial Air Filtration offered by these units can remove indoor smoke pollution

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Get FREE SHIPPING! on your Trion SE 800 and Trion SE 400 commercial air purification systems and accessories right here.  Click add to cart to make a list of items you wish to purchase.  $100 minimum order.

Designed to remove indoor air pollution:

  • tobacco smoke
  • pollen
  • dust
  • mold spores
  • offensive odors

Excellent indoor air quality solution for:

  • bars
  • reception halls
  • restaurants
  • smoking areas
  • office space
  • computer rooms
Easily set up an airflow pattern that sweeps away smoke and airborne contaminants with these unique commercial air filtration systems.  At 800 or 400 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of airflow, these babies give the most power per dollar of any air cleaner in their class.
Trion SE 800
Commercial Air Cleaner
800 CFM

SE 800 Commercial Air Purification Unit

And... FREE Odor Neutralizing Cartridge System with 1 Year Supply of Refills with each SE800!
SE 800
Price: $1,149.95  

Trion SE 400
Commercial Air Cleaner
400 CFM
SE 400 Commercial Air Filtration Unit
And... FREE Odor Neutralizing Cartridge System with 1 Year Supply of Refills with each SE400!
SE 400
Price: $849.95

Wash Kit
5 Gallons Tridex Heavy Duty ESP Cell Cleaning Detergent.
1 Pint Cell Coat Spray.  Wash Container.
Wash kit for electronic cells used in commercial air purification systems
Wash Kit
Price: $254.95      FREE SHIPPING!

ESP Cell Cleaning Detergent. 5 Gallons.
Tridex cell detergent for commercial air purificaion systems
Tridex Light Duty
Price: $169.95

Tridex Heavy Duty
Price: $179.95

Cell Coat Spray
Spray on clean, dry cell to prolong life and for easy future cleaning.
Cell Coat Spray for electronic commercial air filtration
1 Pint Cell Coat
Price: $17.95

1 Gallon Refill
Price: $44.95

Odor Neutralizing Cartridge System
Year supply of ONCS includes 1 cartridge (lasts about one month), 1 retainer clip, and eleven (11) refills.
Odor Neutralizing Cartridges for commercial air purification
Odor Neutralizing Cartridge System
Price: $97.95
On Sale for a Limited Time! $54.95

Spare Filters
Eliminate downtime - Always have a spare clean pre-filter and cell to rotate in your cleaning schedule.
electronic precipitator commercial air filtration
SE 400 Pre-Filter & Cell
Price: $234.19

Set of SE 800 Pre-Filters & Cells
Price: $468.38


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