Air Cleaner Details

With a little luck, you’ve landed on the one page out of millions that will show you what certain privileged business owners know about commercial air cleaners. It takes exactly the right combination of technology, airflow, placement, sizing and installation to create a scientifically proven system that will consistently clear away smoke and pollution. We’ve experienced enough hazy, suffocating, smoke filled venues. We are ready to show people how to get rid of all that filth.

  • Take a look at aesthetic appearance to see how commercial smoke eaters can disappear into your decor.
  • Find out why electronic filters are so efficient, easier & cheaper to own than ordinary media filters.
  • Smoke removal will not happen without a definite airflow pattern to sweep away the dirty air. Discover how to make smoke removing airflow patterns.
  • There are countless solutions for odor control, but we show you the best suited for most commercial applications… at give it away for free!
  • For those of you in the know, check out technical specifications for preferred commercial air purifiers: Trion SE 800 and SE 400.

Invisible Air Cleaners

The SE 800 and SE 400 electronic commercial air cleaners disappear into your ceiling with their off-white color and recessed installation. The most popular mounting method leaves only the grills visible. They can also be surface mounted or partially recessed, depending on drop ceiling clearance or your preference.

Basic off-white Trion SE 800 and SE 400 commercial air purifiers blend into decor of most ceilingsVersatile off-white color looks clean even if it’s dirty. The SE 800 blends into your ceiling by taking the place of one standard 2’x4′ ceiling panel, or two standard 2’x2′ ceiling panels. No one will notice your air cleaners, but they will enjoy breathing your clean air.

Versatile mounting depths enable these commericial air cleaners to work in any ceiling

Trion SE 800 and SE 400 commercial air cleaners adapt to almost any ceiling situation and still provide proper smoke removal.

Electronic Filters

The secret behind electronic smoke eaters is the electrostatic precipitator. “What the heck is that?” Well… instead of buying expensive disposable filters, your air cleaner comes with an electronic filter that you clean and reuse… and never throw away or replace. It’s completely different from the big chunk of foam or fabric mesh you’re used to seeing in an air filter.

  • Unlike media air filters, electrostatic precipitators do not restrict the airflow, and therefore use less electricity.
  • Electrostatic precipitators can be cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • Electrostatic precipitation (ESP) works just as well with a dirty filter as a clean filter. Unlike media filters that block airflow as contamination builds up making a media air cleaner slower and slower.
  • Electronic air cleaners are usually quieter than media air cleaners.

Smoke Removal

Powerful and efficient SE 800 and SE 400 are designed to create a smoke removing airflow pattern, even if you only use one unit. These smoke eaters use the COANDA aerodynamic effect to create a circular airflow pattern that sweeps away smoke and pollution. Multiple units can be used together and positioned so they help each other. Learn more on air cleaner placement.

One air cleaner may be enough. But some people will need 5 or 6. So how do you know how many air cleaners you need? There is a scientific equation that tells you how much airflow is required to remove pollution from a room. We put this equation in a simple calculator with easy instructions. Just click How Many Do You Need? under the Buyer’s Guide. Follow the 4 steps and you’ll find your airflow requirements along with how many units you’ll need of either SE 800s or SE 400s.

Odor neutralizers inside these commercial air purifers attack offensive smellsOdor Control

There are endless ways to address odor. Activated carbon, zeolite, potassium permanganate, potassium iodide, adsorbents, ozone, gas phase media, masking agents, essential oils, neutralizers, and more… Some are cheap and ineffective, while others are expensive overkill for anything other than a laboratory cleanroom. It can be very hard to compare and determine the right technology for you.

But we know them all and have sold them all. In fact, we could sell you an expensive activated carbon bed that would surely adsorb all odors… But in most commercial venues, carbon will be used up quickly and need to be replaced regularly. Used in this capacity, carbon would be a very expensive overkill. For most commercial venues, we found that odor neutralizing canisters give an ideal balance. They are easy to use, inexpensive, effective and environmentally friendly. Customers who use them, swear by them… and we are giving them to you for FREE!!

It neutralizes odor at the molecular level!

Here’s how it works. Environmental tobacco smoke is composed of 2 kinds of ingredients: airborne particles and gas molecules. Particles are collected in the electrostatic filter. This removes a good portion of the smell, about 20% – 25%. Without a decent air cleaner, these particles spread throughout the area and collect on surfaces and become embedded in clothes, hair, carpet or anything porous. The remaining 75% – 80% are harmful gaseous molecules (such as carbon monoxide, various aldehydes, amines, diamines, sulfides, lactones, ketones and other carbons). Here is where the neutralizing canisters do their trick. The canister of odor neutralizer releases a non-toxic, volatile aromatic vapor that reacts with gas molecules from smoke. The reaction results in a neutralizing effect.

Trion SE 800 and SE 400 Technical Specifications

Model SE400E SE800E
Dimensions Depth: 9.5″ Depth: 9.5″
Width: 22.5″ Width: 22.5″
Length: 22.5″ Length: 46.12″
Installation Surface mounted, recessed into suspended ceiling, or wall (SE400 only) mounted.
Weight 42 lbs. / shipping 48 lbs. 80 lbs. / shipping 86 lbs.
Input Power 120 Volts, 1 Phase, 60 Hz 120 Volts, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Power Consumed 1.8 Amps, 155 Watts 3.4 Amps, 270 Watts
Controls Hard-wired remote Control with 3 speed selector switch with air-dry (fan only) facility Hard-wired remote Control with 3 speed selector switch with air-dry (fan only) facility
Motor 1/20 HP, 3-speed, Ball Bearing (2) 1/20 HP, 3-speed, Ball Bearing
Air Flow 200, 300, 400 CFM 400, 600, 800 CFM
Sound Rating 38, 55, 62 dBa 41, 58, 65 dBa
Safety Feature Interlock to cell access door Interlock to cell access door
Features Anti-arc circuitry
Power to cell indicator
Fresh air inlet
Dry (fan only) cycle
Anti-arc circuitry
Power to cell indicator
Fresh air inlet
Dry (fan only) cycle
Options Fresh air damper system Fresh air damper system