How Many Air Cleaners Do You Need? effectively clean your indoor air pollution?

Find out how many and what size air cleaners you need for your application.  Effectively cleaning your indoor environment depends on:

  1. How much air pollution you have (Heavy, Medium, Light)
  2. How big your space is you are trying to clean
  3. How much air can be moved through your air cleaner (we call this CFM – cubic feet of air per minute)

To help you figure out which air cleaners you need or if you need more than one air cleaner, we have built this Air Cleaner Calculator so you can easily determine how many of which size air cleaners you need.

CFM Recommended Air Cleaners Alternate Choice
1-400 (1) SE 400
401-800 (1) SE 800 or (2) SE 400s
801-1200 (1) SE 800 + (1) SE 400 or (3) SE 400s
1201-1600 (2) SE 800s or (4) SE 400s
1601-2000 (2) SE 800s + (1) SE 400 or (5) SE 400s
2001-2400 (3) SE 800s or (6) SE 400s
2401-2800 (3) SE 800s + (1) SE 400 or (7) SE 400s
2801-3200 (4) SE 800s or (8) SE 400s
3201-3600 (4) SE 800s + (1) SE 400 or (9) SE 400s
3601-4000 (5) SE 800s or (10) SE 400s
4001-4400 (5) SE 800s + (1) SE 400 or (11) SE 400s
4401-4800 (6) SE 800s or (12) SE 400s

This is a general guide for common situations. Each application has its own unique set of variables that need to be addressed. For more detailed help in determining your CFM requirements please contact us.

Once you have determined how many air cleaners your venue requires, the next step is planning placement and orientation.  On the placement page, you can find out the right combination of height, location, and even which way they should face for optimum smoke removal.