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Chosen Electrostatic Air Cleaners are designed to instal into any ceiling construction


Versatile SE 400 and SE 800 Electrostatic Air Cleaners are made to install recessed into a drop ceiling or against a hard surface such as a permanent ceiling or wall.

Recessed Flush Mount  |  Surface Mount  |  Wall Mount  |  Electrical

Recessed Flush Mount in Drop Ceiling

For a flush appearance, install electrostatic air purifiers partially recessed into the drop ceiling.  They will be securely fastened to the permanent ceiling above.  You may need a second person to support the air cleaner while installing.  Do Not support weight of air cleaner from suspended drop ceiling rails.  To make it easy, remove the collection cells and filters before installing.

Step 1:  Unpack the unit from the box.  Unlatch the filter access door and remove the collection cells and pre-filters.

Step 2:  Use large diameter washers and lock-nuts to install -20 eyebolts.  Threaded drop rods can be used instead of eyebolts. Install trim onto the air cleaner at the level where the drop ceiling will reach the air cleaner. See sketch A below.

Step 3:  Remove the ceiling panels around the area where the electrostatic air cleaners will be placed.  Decide where and how the safety chains or threaded rods will secure to the ceiling joists, permanent ceiling, etc. 

Step 4:  Measure out the chains and attach them to the 4 eye bolts on the electrostatic air purifiers ( or fasten threaded rods ).

Step 5:  Lift air cleaner into position and support it while fastening chains or rods to ceiling joists, permanent ceiling, etc.  See sketch A below.

Step 6:  Make electrical connections as described below in Electrical Installation.

Step 7:  Re-install collection cells and pre-filters.  Close access doors and your electrostatic air cleaners are ready for operation.

Notice how our electrostatic air cleaners can mount with eyebolts and chains or threaded rods

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Surface Mount on Solid Ceiling

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Mounting electrostatic air purifiers to the surface of a solid ceiling is a very simple and basic operation.

When possible, fastening the unit into wooden ceiling joists using lag screws is the preferred method.  If ceiling joists are not 16" on center, additional wood spacers can be screwed to the sides of existing ceiling joists - then the unit can be mounted into those spacers.

Step 1:  Unpack the unit from the box.  Unlatch the filter access door and remove the collection cells and pre-filters.  They will be put back inside once unit is mounted.

Step 2:  Locate ceiling joists in the area where the air cleaner will be installed.

It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure adequate mounting components are used.

Step 3:  Use the cardboard template to drill 4 holes through the ceiling into the joists.  Screw in 5/16 hex head lag screws - but not all the way tight.

Step 4:  Lift air cleaner and use key holes to hang cabinet from lag screws.  Slide cabinet so narrow end of keyhole mounting slots are under screw heads.  Fully tighten lag screws.

Step 5:  Install lockdown location screw as shown on template.

Step 6:  Make electrical connections as described below in Electrical Installation.

Step 7:  Re-install collection cell and pre-filter.  Close access door and air cleaner is ready for operation.

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Wall Mount (SE400 Only)

Plan to install the air cleaner so the filter access door hinge is vertical.  This orientation gives you easy filter removal.  Follow directions above for Surface Mount on Solid Ceiling.

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Electrical Installation

Two sets of wiring are required to connect the air cleaner. Main power to the unit is 120V, 60Hz, 1Ph, rated 5 Amp - Live, Neutral and Ground. A 5-conductor 5 Amp rated cable is required from the unit to remote control.

Step 1:  Run the 5-conductor cable and the main power connection through the cable entry knockouts in the cabinet and connect to the input terminal block as shown in the wiring diagram below.

Step 2:  Mount the remote control in the desired position and connect the 5-conductor cable leads to the numbered terminals as shown in the wiring diagram.

Cable Entry Knockouts
Knock-out hole in side of electrostatic air cleaners
Input Terminal Block
Input terminal block accessable through front door of electrostatic air purifiers

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Wiring Diagram
Electrical wiring diagram for Trion Electrostatic Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers

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