Maintaining Your Air Cleaner

It’s easy… VERY easy.  Other than the periodic swipe of a damp cloth, the SE 400 and 800 air cleaners require very little maintenance.  Most air cleaners require you to throw out the filter and buy a new one every year, or even as frequent as every six weeks (depending on your pollution level).  But not these electronic air cleaners.  Instead of throwing it away, you can clean the filter and keep re-using it forever (or at least 10 or 15 years, anyway).

When to Clean

Occasional zapping or snapping sound occurs during normal operation.  This is caused by large dirt particles entering the unit.  Don’t worry, the zapping is perfectly safe – their anti-arcing circuitry is built to take it.  If you hear snapping every minute or two, that means it’s time to clean the cell.

How to Clean

Remove the pre-filter and the collection cell.

  1. Open the filter access door.
  2. Support the filters as you release the latch.
  3. The filter and collection cell will slide out.

The pre-filter can be cleaned with an ordinary vacuum wand.  Or you can wash it along with the collection cell (described next).

There are several ways to clean the collection cell.  Use whichever way is easiest for you.

Option 1:  Run the collection cell through your commercial dish washer.  Be sure to use non-abrasive, or non caustic detergent (safe for aluminum).  You may need to presoak it with detergent.

Option 2:  Spray collection cell with TriDex detergent or degreaser such as Simple GreenŽ.  Let it sit for a few minutes, but don’t let detergent dry.  Rinse by spraying with water.  Let the detergent do all the work.  DO NOT physically rub the cells – rubbing or scrubbing can damage the filter.  When it is clean, let it air dry over night.

Option 3:  Soak collection cell in a wash basin of TriDex detergent or non caustic / aluminum safe degreaser such as Simple GreenŽ.  DO NOT rub or scrub filters. Rinse with water.  Check for dirt and repeat if necessary.  Let it air dry overnight.