Rave Reviews – Our Customers Speak Out!

Hear what some people think about their commercial air cleaner.  There’s no sales hype here.  These are simply direct quotes from owners, employees and managers of bars, bingo halls, bowling alleys, companies, game rooms, smoking lounges, cigar bars, restaurants, hotels, who have purchased my commercial air purifiers.  When properly sized and installed (using information from this website) the SE800 and SE400 consistently deliver results like those found in reviews on this page.

We are currently compiling more of our electronic air purifier product reviews.  If you would like to submit a review about your SE 800 or SE 400 Trion electronic air cleaner, please click here to contact us.

“I Used To Have Walk-Outs In My Restaurant Because Of The Smoke, Now The Word Got Around Town And They Love To Dine Here Again”

I purchased the SE800 Electronic Air Cleaner because I wanted a commercial air cleaner that was easy to maintain, quiet and that would take care of the secondhand smoke in my restaurant. I am very happy with its performance, I used to have walk-outs in my restaurant because of the smoke, now the word got around town and they love to dine here again. Your air quality specialist was very very helpful with getting me to understand all about air quality and the importance of it. I have recommended you to a friend and he has since purchased 2 units from you.

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“We’re Extremely Happy To Have The ‘Smoke’ Problem Solved”

We have tried several air cleaner models in the past including Alpine and various other HEPA filter smoke eaters that just didn’t get the job done. After research through the internet and friends, we decided the model you all sell was the best for our shop. We’re extremely happy to have the “smoke” problem solved. We appreciate the honest, firsthand knowledge imparted to us throughout the entire transaction. Thank you so much.

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“It Works!!! It Really Removes The Smoke”

The commercial air cleaner I purchased is used in a club room for an Alcoholics Anonymous Group. About half of the people smoke and the other half used to fuss about the smoke. They don’t any longer… it works! It really removes the smoke. Since I purchased this unit for the Group, we have a much better place to meet for the non-smokers. And more non-smoking people are attending and recovering from alcoholism.

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“My SE800 Smoke Eater Removes The Smoke And Leaves The Room Smelling Fresh And Clean”

The 3 things l like most about my SE800 Electronic Air Purifier are (1) it removes the smoke and leaves the room smelling fresh and clean, (2) It’s easy to clean the electronic filters and (3) I don’t have to buy any expensive carbon replacement filters. If I ever happen to need another one I will contact your company first.

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“The SE400 Smoke Eater Has Eliminated The Smoke, It Works, It’s Quiet And It Was The Right Price”

I needed a smoke eater for my restaurant to eliminate smoke. Your website was easy to navigate and made finding what I needed very easy. The SE400 Electronic Air Cleaner has eliminated the smoke, it works, it’s quiet and it was the right price.

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“We Were on the Verge of Becoming a Non-Smoking Establishment and Would Have Stood to Lose a Lot of Business”

Your SE800 electronic air cleaner was recommended by by your customer service representative.  I like the low profile because we are limited on space. The design is also very nice. Our bar receives a lot of traffic and it doesn’t look ugly like some of the other products out there so people really don’t even notice it’s there.

The installation was also very easy. Normally, I would hire someone to do that sort of thing however I was easily able to install it myself.

Our air gets very stale indoors towards the end of the day. I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in the clean air, the fresh air added has made a world of difference!

We have employees and customers that smoke and of course we have others who don’t.  We were on the verge of becoming a non-smoking establishment and would have stood to lose a lot of business.  We would have lost business by not satisfying the non-smokers too. But with the smokeeater, we’ve had far fewer complaints about second-hand smoke.

We’re happy with the product and service we’ve received. We have other establishments and will definitely be in need of this air cleaner in the future.  Thanks for doing a good job (it’s kind of hard to find these days).

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“Purchasing an SE800 Gained Me Money and more Customers”

The SE 800e was the best fit for my bar and I will be buying more.  It removes almost all the smoke, there is a lot less odor, and people like to come to my bar more than they did before.

They’re a great product!  They have have 3 speeds and are very powerful.  It’s nice that you can have them on high or low depending on how many people are there.

Purchasing an SE 800 had gained me money and more customers, it removed all smoke and odors.  I would not change anything about the SE 800, it is a great product overall.  As for the air quality specialists, they have been very helpful with all my questions.  They gave me advice in what product I should buy, and it was the right information.  Thanks.  It’s a great product and company – will do business again.

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“Help Eliminate Smoke Odors”

I bought two of your bigger smoke eaters used for my Birmingham Location.  Not only do they clear the smoke, but the filters are cleanable and reusable with easy weekly maintenance.  Most importantly, they help eliminate smoke odors.  Ease of cleaning and the bad odor that offend nonsmoking customers save me time, money and frustration.

Your specialist was very helpful with pricing and size requirements.

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“Great Product.  You Should Advertise it More!”

I purchased your air cleaner because there was smoke coming into my office from another office where there are smokers present.  And it works – I do not smell the smoke anymore.  The air I am breathing is safer; the maintenance is minimal.  It gives you the ability to keep the smoke smell out of the room in which you are residing.  I don’t smoke and I don’t like the smell.  It has saved me time and money running to the store to buy expensive candles.  It has solved the stale smoke smell.  The air quality specialists were helpful and knowledgeable and they were able to help me pick out a product that would fit my needs.  Also, they were able to guarantee it would work.  Great product.  You should advertise it more.

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“It Worked.  Quick Delivery.  Easy to Install”

After my own research and being able to talk directly to your company president, I chose to purchase your air cleaner.  Especially because it is specific to cigarette smoke smell.  No more calls from my renter complaining… Priceless.  It worked.  Quick Delivery.  Easy to Install.  You gave excellent help – answered all my questions with information to make an informed decision.  Thanks, Linda.

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“It Removed The Smoke From My Bar Area!”

Your smoke eater was easy to install, compact in size and appealing to the eye.  It did exactly as advertised; it removed the smoke from my bar area and keeps our customers very pleased.

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“Perfect For Eliminating Smoke In My New Basement Room”

This air cleaner was perfect for eliminating smoke in my new basement room downstairs. I especially liked to be able to mount the air cleaner high up on the wall where all the smoke rises – this saved me a lot of money because now I don’t have to ventilate the smoke out doors.

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“No Pressure To Buy Anything At All”

When I called to order the SE400 “smoke killer”, your air cleaner specialist could not have been more helpful. No pressure to buy anything at all, he just answered my questions. I am building a bar in my house and I wanted to be able to smoke my cigars without a bad smell in my house. My wife got on the computer and found the best smoke air cleaner. THANK YOU!!!

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“The SE400 Cleared My Game Room of Smoke”

Not only is the look, performance and price of the SE400 ideal I love the ease of maintenance that the SE400 offers

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“The SE400 Has No Expensive Filters To Replace”

I am very satisfied with this unit; the Se400 has no expensive filters to replace, it requires very little maintenance and it is compact and has a neat appearance. I am also very happy with how it has gotten rid of the car and lawn mower exhaust odors from my garage where I have installed it.

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“Since We Have Installed The Air Cleaners I Have Not Received Any More Complaints”

Customers were complaining in our VFW dance hall that the smoke was bothering them so we would turn on the exhaust fans. Then our customers would complain that it was either too hot or too cold (depending on the season). So we decided to purchase 5 SE800s and they are doing a very good job of removing the smoke allowing us not to have to use our exhaust fans thus saving on energy costs. Since we have installed the air cleaners I have not received any more complaints by our customers about the smoke or being too hot or cold. These air cleaners do remove all the smoke allowing us to keep our facility cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter.

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“Solid Reputation”

I bought your smoke eater for a remodeling job for a bar because of its solid reputation.

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“The SE400 Smoke Eater Is Perfect For My Poker Room”

The SE400 smoke eater is perfect for my poker room – I like the filter-less system and the fact that it keeps my wife happy because of the smoke and odor removal

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“I Purchased This Smoke Eater To Be Placed In A Home Theatre”

I purchased this smoke eater to be placed in a home theatre and the owner demanded a unit that kept the decibel noise very low. Your company was very helpful in providing me with an attractive price quote and the air cleaner was delivered in an expeditious manner. The unit was easy to install and it met all of my and the owner’s expectations.

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“The Smoke Eater I Purchased From You Saved Me From Installing An Entire Ventilation System”

I was building a cigar lounge for my home and the smoke eater I purchased from you saved me from installing an entire ventilation system that I could not be sure would work properly. Your air quality specialist was very helpful, I was not sure which unit to consider but your rep made some suggestions and helped me figure out what would work best

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“It Rids The Office Of The Smell Of Smoke And It Purifies The Air.”

I researched air purifiers online, and found this particular model to be the best for our office. It rids the office of the smell of smoke and it purifies the air. When the smoking increases in our office, we turn the power to a higher level and it does the job.

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“Our Employees Were Fed Up With The Smoke Coming From The Cigarettes Of Our Boss’s Office”

Our employees were fed up with the smoke coming from the cigarettes of our bosses office. We were able to order your commercial air cleaner online (without the help of one of your air quality specialists) and the system really gets the air clean – It works! It gets rid of the smoke and the odor.