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Commercial Air Cleaner, Commercial Air Purifier and Smoke Eater Main Page - An introduction to OscarAir's SE800e and SE400e electronic air cleaner for eliminating smoke, dust particles, mold spores, odors and other airborne contaminants.

Commercial Air Cleaners, Commercial Air Purifiers and Smoke Eaters Product Detail Page - An in-depth webpage dedicated to all the specifics about OscarAir's SE800e and SE400e commercial air cleaners. Information covers air cleaner specifications, air cleaning coverage area, filtering technology, air cleaner placement, common air filtering applications, etc...

Do I need more than one air cleaner? - A simplified "air cleaner calculator" that allows you to automatically determine if you need to have more than one air cleaner to effectively reduce your level of indoor air pollution relative to how big the space is you are trying to clean.

Installation of your OscarAir SE800e and SE400e air cleaner - Installing an OscarAir SE400e or SE800e air purifier is a piece of cake. It is so simple you may not even need a contractor or a handyman to do the installation.  This section gives you step by step instructions about how to install your commercial air cleaner.

Maintaining and cleaning your OscarAir SE800e and SE400e - See how easy it is to clean and maintain your OscarAir SE400e or SE800e.

Owner's Manual For the OscarAir SE800e and SE400e - We have reproduced the OscarAir SE400e or SE800e operator's manual for all you detail oriented people. All the "nuts and bolts" to the tiniest detail about your air purifier can be found by clicking through to this section.

Warranty Information - 3 year manufacturer's warranty?  It doesn't get much better than that. Read about the specifics of your manufacturer's warranty.

Rave reviews, testimonials and comments - With over 6,000 air cleaners sold in the last 4 years by the principals of OscarAir, Inc we have developed quite a list of satisfied customers... go ahead and read a few of their stories.

Our most frequently asked questions - This section covers most of the questions you might have about the OscarAir SE400e or SE800e. This section is constantly being updated with new questions and answers so come back periodically and visit this section.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction - Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.  We know if you are satisfied that not only are you going to have your air pollution problem solved but, there will also be a higher probability that you will either give us more of your business or, you will refer us business. Please read this section to learn about our industry leading performance and satisfaction guarantee.

Order page for the OscarAir SE800e and SE400e commercial air purifier - Visit this page to purchase your OscarAir SE400e or SE800e.

Terms of service - We recommend that any time you go to any website that you always read the terms of service (also known as the "rules and regulations" for using the website) of that website... is no different. All terms, rules, regulations, guidelines and disclaimers can be located here.

Privacy policy - We respect your privacy and personal information. Please read this section if you want to know the details about how we treat, respect and protect your private and personal information.

Return policy - We doubt that there will ever be a need for you to return your OscarAir SE400e or SE800e to us or our manufacturer however, over the last 4 years it has happened 1x (This was due to a customer shutting down her restaurant).  If you plan on purchasing an OscarAir SE400e or SE800e please make sure that you read and understand this section.

About OscarAir, Inc and - This is the section to read if you want to learn about our company and this website.

How to contact us - Want to drop us an email? Come on over to this area and fill out our contact form.  Want to talk to someone "live"?  Give us a call... the toll free number is at the top of every webpage.

Resources and directory - We have provided a directory of resources where you can do more research to learn about topics that relate to the commercial air purifying industry. Some of the topics that we cover in our directory are;


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